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This is an overview of my current and completed projects.

2D/3D-Graphics and Illustration (since 2003, active)
You can find an overview of my graphical works in the gallery. My areas of interest are fantasy-/science-fiction illustration and concept art, web graphics and 3D graphics. Be sure to visit my deviantART [extern] gallery.
Ionflux Computer Graphics Toolkit (since 2006, active)
This is a collection of base libraries for 2D and 3D graphics processing. The project encompasses the libraries IFMapping for generating modular mapping functions, Altjira for 2D image processing, GeoUtils for 2D/3D geometry processing and visualization, and IFVG for volumetric data processing and. The software is written primarily in C++ and comes with complete Python bindings.
Ionflux Object Base System (since 2006, active)
The Ionflux Object Base System is an open-source framework for rapid application development in C++. It consists of base classes providing frequently required features, a template system for automated code generation as well as simple mechanisms for creating scripting language bindings. It is used in some way or other in most of my projects.